Car color and its safety.

Car color and its safetyColor of vehicle may very well save the lives of passengers. Although it sounds like a paradox, but in fact it is often the color of the machine greatly reduces the probability of a traffic accident.
Even the statistics on this issue exist. It turns out that the victims of an accident are often car of black and green colors. Rarely – white, yellow and red. The safest became silver color. Their driver is half less got into an accident than the average driver.
The exact figures is as follows: 61.3% of accidents account the clash of cars of dark colors, 32.6% – the dark with light, 6.1% – if both cars are light.
How can car color helps or, by contrast, prevents collisions on the road? The color makes it possible to distinguish the car by other traffic participants. It is difficult to clearly discern black, brown or green car. In the the lack of visibility such tone simply merge with the environment.

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