Minivan Review – 2012 Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Grand Caravan

So you got about a $25000 budget and you have a need to carry 7 passengers. Got some bad news for you. This is about the only option you have that’s right a minivan I said it that word minivan. Stood mere mention of that word sometimes just evokes these crazy emotions like death before many bad for outside anything before I drive a minivan but hold on. It’s actually very practical I’ll walk you through the steps. Chrysler invented the mini van segment almost 30 years ago and today the segment shrunk down quite a bit players like Ford and Chevy have just left the segment altogether but you know there’s still some big players Toyota Honda Nissan. And of course Chrysler. When it comes to many bands there’s no need to talk about what’s under the hood but to say this 3.6 liter V6 is a very capable plenty of power And the story.

Chrysler Town and CountryThe best feature of any minivan of course is. Sliding side doors. This is a much easier way to get in and out of the car plus you don’t worry about your kids banging the that the car next year. That this model here is a base one it starts around 46000 has shown. It doesn’t have the power. Sliding doors how deftly recommend going up to the next level in getting those. As you just walk to the car. If the remote. Doors open. Where the differentiators for the Chrysler mini van is the stone go CD. This is a great feature so essentially. Installed new HID Grand Voyager headlight lens. You lift up this Floor area. That when one push of a button. See slides down flat. The There you have it so if you need that extra cargo space you have it and not to worry about taking the seats out. Not to worry about than just folding up actually go in to the floorboard that’s great technology and only Chrysler has.

The interior is not the greatest place to be as you can see they still have these. Hard plastic. Pieces and controls are okay now would you move up in term levels get to the limited edition a definite gets a little bit nicer but you know this is a base model so better just to manage your expectations. Hey if you’re feeling really sporty guess what Chrysler gives you tiptronic so you can. Shift to go 6 years. So there you have it a fun filled week with the Chrysler town and country actually wasn’t that bad the cars very practical kids getting in and out was easier than any other vehicle I’ve ever had minivans make sense I preach this all the time most family should buy a minivan and Chrysler is the value we need you for 25 $0 you get a decent minivan but of course you can go pies 45 $0 in the segment if you get a fully loaded Odyssey or CNN fully loaded Chrysler will run you right around 4041 0 near some really nice features you can get leather seating rear seat entertainment and navigation so sky’s the limit put your budget is like 25 to 30000 I still think Chrysler offers you the best value.

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