TOYOTA CAMRYThe developers of this model went certain risks, as conservative buyers could turn away from the Toyota Camry, and the young people did not pay attention to it. But it did not stop the Japanese. On the contrary, they even released a special version of the Toyota Camry, aimed at young consumers. So there was a version with a new 2.0-liter engine with 150 hp (at 6000 rev / min) and a six-speed automatic transmission. “Mechanics” is not provided, but in the current execution Toyota Camry is capable vigorously accelerate to “hundreds” on 10.4 seconds. In any case, it is stated in the specifications.

For fans of more powerful versions, Toyota Camry is offered with updated engines of 2.5 and 3.5 liters with capacity of 241 and 249 hp respectively. Suspension settings are identical in all models of Toyota Camry, what is not in the drives, because in Camry with six-cylinder engines cross-axle differential with preload is installed and 2006 Toyota Camry headlights.

Towards youth the design of Toyota Camry is “deployed”. It has become more “alive” through the addition of chrome highlights outside and inside the car, all kinds of inserts and bright blue lighting of instruments.

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