Review: 2006 Hyundai Accent

Small car wars are heating up and there are many new entries in the sub compact, and compact segments. And here we have a redesigned version of a familiar Compaq nameplate the all new 2600 a Hyundai Accent. To simplify matters the 2006 accent is available in only 1 trim level the GLS and was initially only available as a 4 door the 07 models will offer a 3 door hatch. As far as inexpensive Compaq’s go the accent packs a huge amount of features and amenities all for under 15000 my car has every box checked on the short options list. Including the 4 speed automatic. Sport package with Power windows doors locks remote keyless entry and 15 inch alloy wheels and carpeted floor mats.

2006 Hyundai AccentIf you want the AC but can live without the rest of the $1500 sport package it is available as a stand alone option for $800. The total price of this car here is 14000 870. Speaking of standard safety. The accent comes with dual front side and side curtain airbags 6 total and when it comes to room this compact has more interior volume than the much larger Honda civic. Its new corporate cousin the kia Rio also shares these roomy dimensions. Of course when you’re living in this price range good safe reliable transportation are key shopping points and the accent delivers high marks in all categories. More info of Headlights for Hyundai Accent read at

The one disappointment I see in this car is it’s totally anonymous bargain bin styling and that hurts this otherwise competent sedan because if you ask folks that shot this category the last thing they want is a car that looks cheap. Honda Toyota sigh audiences zouki have all done a good job with this and I’m surprised Hyundai doesn’t spice it up a bit. The affirmation kia Rio for example what’s a notch higher on the totem pole than the accent and it shares much in common with the Hyundai including its 1.6 liter 110 horse 4 cylinder engine. The accent does offer more bells and whistles but the kia might hold more appeal in other ways give it a look before deciding.

Gas mileage numbers of 28 city in 36 highway are nice but not as good as some comparable small cars from Honda and Toyota Hyundai still knocks you out with their 10 year 100000 mile powertrain warranty and their initial quality rankings are better than everyone’s other than Porsche and Lexus. Buying a small Hard these days is a lot different than it was 10 years ago and the new Hyundai Accent with its competent array of offerings is a testament to what a sub $15000 car.

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